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2016 Great Lakes Conference

2016 Great Lakes Conference


Great Lakes Conference 2016

Approximately 117 million people suffer from chronic conditions. Although this is devastating, it’s also our greatest opportunity.

How many of these people need your help? What if you had better tools?

A better fundamental understanding of the underlying causes of today’s most ruthless challenges?

A more systematic, efficient, and effective approach?

Is this not for you?

The Great Lakes Conference is a breakthrough opportunity for leading healthcare practitioners in addressing the cause, identifying the most effective therapies, and implementing solid protocols for patients suffering from today’s chronic conditions.

During this information-packed weekend you will learn how
to implement more effective strategies to increase patient outcomes, advanced communication techniques to build trust and compliance, and how to improve delivery to boost your practice in patient care.

A fresh perspective on metabolic detoxification, upgraded and world-leading sports nutrition strategies, common-sense yet brilliant approaches to skin health, decoding hormone challenges, and solid strategies in addressing chronic fatigue are just some of the highly anticipated topics NutriDyn brings to you this year.

This is your chance. Be the best, lead the rest.

What is included:

Robert Rakowski -Cutting Edge Nutrition Strategies
Deanna Minich - Whole Detox
Rhonda Jolliffe - Maintaining Vitality Through Hormone Balance
John Troup - Chronic Inflammation & Health Trajectories
Adiel Tel-Oren - Skin Science, Diagnosis & Therapy
Chad Oler - Clinical Solutions for Fatigue

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