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Addressing the 9 Underlying Causes of Fatigue – Digging Deeper for Clinical Solutions

Addressing the 9 Underlying Causes of Fatigue – Digging Deeper for Clinical Solutions


Fatigue is a common symptom seen by clinicians every day. However, fatigue presents a clinical dilemma because there are so many possible underlying causes. Over the last 16 years, we have seen thousands of people that list fatigue as one of their main issues. Over that time, we have developed a systematic method to determine and correct each person’s underlying causes of fatigue.

This seminar will provide the clinician a step-by-step guide to determine and address the most common underlying causes of fatigue, including nutritional imbalance, adrenal fatigue, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, gastrointestinal imbalances, toxicity, poor quality sleep, immune imbalance, hormone imbalances and medications. In addition, we will review techniques on how to structure office visits and manage patient flow to maximize results and income. Many case studies will be presented to help the practitioner see how to implement these strategies in practice so that providers are ready to go when they get back to the office.

Key Clinical Takeaways

  • Knowing what tests to run and data to collect to pinpoint each person’s underling cause(s) of fatigue.
  • Using data to structure customized healing plans for patients.
  • How and why dietary factors can cause fatigue and how to correct them.
  • Using a step-by-step procedure to determine the unique combination of underlying imbalances that have led to chronic fatigue in each patient.
  • How to correct each underlying cause of fatigue using functional testing, diet, supplemental support and lifestyle therapies.

Specific protocols, including testing and test interpretation; dietary and supplemental recommendations; and lifestyle therapies to address each underlying imbalance will be explained so that each provider has the tools they need to design and implement a plan of action that can help their patients correct and eliminate their underlying causes of fatigue.

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