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BIA Interpretation – From Scan to Protocol

BIA Interpretation – From Scan to Protocol


Wouldn’t it be great to predict the successful outcome of the middle aged man that walks in with lower back pain? Or be able to monitor the teenager that you suspect has hidden food sensitivities? How about being able to provide objective and meaningful data that you can share with your patient that keeps them encouraged, motivated and compliant on your nutritional protocols? Well guess what? The tools are available. Even better, they are inexpensive, easy to use, and patients love them!

In this one day seminar we are going to show you how to use the BIA as a tool to help show the need your patients have for the protocols you can offer. The BIA device is a great tool that is quick and easy to use and can provide you with point-of-care information that you can use to translate into a clinical protocol. Some have expressed confusion over the report, the testing and the interpretation. We are going to show you the basics so that everyone that attends this seminar will feel comfortable and confident in using a BIA in practice—right when you get back to the office. We will discuss clinical cases and treatment protocols that show you why the BIA has been an integral part of our clinical practice for the last 10 years.

We will also discuss simple in-office tests you can use that require no lab set up and can be used in any style practice.

You will receive:

  • Instruction on how to properly obtain BIA results and how to use with your existing exam flow.
  • Confidence in reading the report and relaying meaningful data to the patient.
  • Guidance in using S.I.T.E. with the BIA to develop individual treatment protocols.
  • Discussion of common conditions such as inflammation, toxicity, sarcopenia and more that can be evaluated with the BIA.
  • Tools you can use to gather meaningful patient data quickly and efficiently.

This seminar will provide practical applications and solutions that you can use right away. We are reducing the learning curve for you so you can realize the tremendous benefit of this testing. If you are wanting to improve patient outcomes, help patients in a cost effective manner, and generate improved compliance then this seminar is for you! Bring your staff along as well to make the addition of these tools a smooth transition.

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