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Improve Fertility-Naturally With Dr. Stephanie Nishek

Improve Fertility-Naturally With Dr. Stephanie Nishek


At present, fertility impairments affect as many as one-in-eight couples of childbearing age in the U.S. As the prevalence of subfertility and infertility continue to rise, along with reliance on expensive advanced reproductive technology (ART), Integrative practitioners can expect to see more of these couples seeking our guidance.

This presentation will provide strategies to help prioritize the different aspects of preconception care and fertility impairments and evidence-based protocols to help our patients move beyond their fertility struggles into building (or expanding) their healthy, happy families.

Dr. Nishek will discuss underlying causes of female infertility including:

  • hormone imbalance
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • thyroid issues
  • advanced maternal age, and more.

Mate factor infertility, and its known causes and treatments, will also be discussed.

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