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Navigating the Body Fat Map

Navigating the Body Fat Map


Throughout the human life, fat distribution can change drastically. An obvious example is seen in puberty and is clearly related to hormonal shifts. In 1947 the difference between fat distribution in men and women was described. Since then, we’ve learned that sex steroid hormones are important, but that the adrenal corticosteroids and peptide hormones (like insulin and growth hormone) also play a major role in fat distribution.

The science that connects regional fat distribution to endocrine imbalance comes from skin fold data that Charles Poliquin has gathered over the past 20 years. He compared subcutaneous fat pinch test data against blood, urine and saliva tests. After evaluating thousands of patients, Charles teaches 12 specific test sites that strongly correlate with endocrine imbalance.

Listen in as Dr. Robert Rakowski teaches how he uses this research to help patients achieve a higher level of health.

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