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Practical Solutions

Practical Solutions


Product Description

Have you wanted to know exactly what needs to be done to successfully incorporate a profitable, nutrition-focused approach with your patients that will help to dramatically improve their results? We know you have—you’ve told us so.

Practical Solutions was designed based on years of feedback from providers that wanted a course that would provide them exactly what they need to utilize nutrition-based strategies to help their patients without hours of interesting, but tedious background information about why it is important.
Practical Solutions is that course. We will cover the testing, supplements, protocols and exact nutritional recommendations a practitioner needs to address the most common conditions they will see in practice.

Key Clinical Takeaways

  • Understanding the role of functional nutrition in healing and effectively communicating that need to patients.
  • Knowing what tests to run and data to collect to pinpoint underlying metabolic, nutritional, and biochemical imbalances.
  • Using data to structure customized healing plans for patients.
  • Having specific protocols, including dietary recommendations, specific supplementation, and targeted lifestyle therapies, to address a patient’s underlying imbalances.
  • Understanding important nutrient-food-drug interactions and avoiding unnecessary complications.
  • Integrating knowledge learned into existing office flow.

We will detail exactly how to discover underlying imbalances that must be addressed in order to allow your patients to heal. In addition, we will review techniques on how to structure office visits and manage patient flow to maximize results and income. Many case studies will be presented to help the practitioner see how to implement these strategies in practice, and we will role-play several cases so that providers are ready to go when they get back to the office.

Dr. Chad has been running a nutrition-based practice for 14 years— the last 8 years of which have been based on referral-only. The proven, practical and innovative solutions he uses with his clients will be shared during this presentation.

Find out how you can implement these practical solutions in your practice!

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