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Tick Borne Basics Dr. Onnie Thatcher

Tick Borne Basics Dr. Onnie Thatcher


There are currently 16 known tick-borne diseases in humans which are caused by pathogens transmitted by tick bites. Diagnosing tick-borne illness can be quite tricky, especially when lab work fails and when a tick carries more than one pathogen. Therefore, this lecture will cover efficient diagnostic protocols as well as how to support patients with antibiotic therapy in the immediate days after a tick bite occurs.

Furthermore, you will learn about chronic tick-borne illnesses, along with techniques to diagnose single and simultaneous infections. Just as importantly, proper preventative measures will be covered, as well as discussion of possible triggers that cause tick-borne infections to reemerge.

Your instructor
Dr. Onnie Thatcher was born into a chiropractic family and graduated from NWHSU in 1996. She also studied Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, certified in nutrition and, by necessity, has done extensive research on tick-borne disease. Dr. Thatcher personally experienced tick-borne disease for the first time after moving to Northwest WI in 2004. Since then, much of her practice is dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and eradication of the many tick-borne diseases. She is a member of WCA, ILADS, and ICAK.

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